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What do we offer?

We consider ourselves a purchasing service for the florist. That’s why we preferably offer an as complete as possible assortment. We hold our own stock which includes a sleek range with great prices, daily fresh flowers but also exclusive and niche products. Below we have made a small selection of this stock.

In addition to our own stock, our shop also offers bells presale, an exotic stock, Waterdrinker plants and items for the floristry. It is even possible to purchase directly from the grower, in the so-called Grower Direct platform.

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24/7 webshop

Make use of our webshop and app to enjoy modern convenience and optimal efficiency. Wherever you are in the world, you are always just a log-in code removed from the most complete flower assortment you can imagine. That assortment is available in real time. Search, view and purchase; there’s no easier way. And in case you lack time, we will simply deliver them for you.


In addition to the financial aspect, having your own webshop can mean a considerable amount of hassle, while exposing you to a variety of risks. With the shop-in-shop, you can offer our webshop and its associated assortment, but with your own corporate identity. This means your own logo and colour scheme. The significant advantage to you is that you save money on the costly purchase of your own webshop, while avoiding running unnecessary risks. The shop-in-shop option is, amongst others, available for floral-delivery drivers, florists and wholesalers. Please contact us for more information regarding the shop-in-shop.

Various purchasing options

Our head office in Rijnsburg has a wide-ranging daily supply of common flowers and niche products, bringing a smile to the face of any florist and wholesaler. Would you like to purchase yourself? No problem! We will arrange for a stand seat or a distance-purchasing connection. Additionally, we will take care of the settlement of the financial aspect and the transport. Whether regarding purchasing a complete assortment or supplementing another purchase, we can assist you.


The seasons come and go at a rapid pace. Every week, new flowers come into bloom and others disappear from the assortment. This can be difficult to keep up with, especially concerning exclusive and unknown products. That’s why we will gladly keep up with developments for you. Star & Van der Gugten also cooperates closely with My-Blush; the number-one organisation in the field of niche products and seasonal flowers.

Straight from the grower

Naturally, you want to purchase your flowers as freshly as possible. This is possible via the special “Straight from the Grower” service in our webshop. This service provides you with access to the real-time supply of various, leading growers. It is even possible to directly link their supply to your own webshop, with your own end prices. We will deliver your flowers the day after receiving your order, ensuring optimal freshness.


Being a company with decades of experience, Star & Van der Gugten has an expansive network in the horticulture sector. Is there something you couldn’t find in our webshop or do you have a last-minute order that needs to be delivered? With a straightforward phone call to one of our sales employees, we’re often able to fulfil your need. We’re particularly good at providing creative solutions, because our people will gladly go the extra mile for you.
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