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Sustainable entrepreneurship has become more important in recent years. This also apply in the  horticultural sector and we at Star & van der Gugten welcome this very much. We like to think along with our customers about how they can increase their sustainability. Below you will find a number of things we do to help you accomplish this. That’s how we try to contribute. Together towards a sustainable future!

Sustainable purchasing

During flower purchases, our buyers consciously choose to buy as many growers as possible who are certified as a sustainable grower.

We take back the waste

We can take back the waste for you. By that we mean cardboard, plastic and green waste. We can dispose it separately here.

MPS specification per period

Most florists are familiar with it, “de Barometer Duurzame Bloemist”. With us you have the possibility to request the MPS totals of all your purchased products from us. We can provide these to you for the period you have requested. We then specify everything on Certification, per invoice number. This way you can immediately take over the data for applying for your certificate at the “de Barometer Duurzame Bloemist”.

MPS specification in our Webshop

When you open our Webshop, with your own log-in code. You will immediately see which products has an MPS Certification an of course what class it has.

Organic Flowers

In addition to checking on the auction clock and directly at the grower, whether growers has an MPS certification, we also buy flowers from growers who breed 100% organic flowers . These products are marked as Organic. One of these growers is “Op Beemster Klei”. This grower grows 100% organic flowers, at the moment the range is also expanding. So keep an eye on our shop. More information about this grower can be found at https://www.opbeemsterklei.nl/

SvdG is a company with a quality mark

We have the MPS-Florimark GTP quality mark. This means that we meet all social, quality and environmental requirements that MPS sets for this. Besides that, our flowers and plants are easy to trace back.

Click here for our certificate.

MPS specification on invoice

In addition to the MPS data per period, you can always see on your invoice the certification per product. The total amounts are also stated at the bottom of the invoice.

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